Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?


Queen of Angels Monastery, Mt. Angel, OR

Spiritual Direction is the shared listening in the presence of God, for God’s voice being spoken to the directee in their unique circumstances.  The spiritual director prayerfully asks questions that invite the directee to encounter God in deeper, more profound and transformative ways than they might experience in the daily routine.

Over the years, I have experienced spiritual direction in a way that has helped me see God and myself more clearly.  I have been able to grapple with and let go of the lies that weigh me down, and to experience God’s loving truth that forgives and sets me free.  I have been challenged to take steps that fearful me could never have ventured had I not experienced God’s invitation through the voice of a spiritual director.

It is this experience to which I wish to invite others.  Come and experience the love of God, expressed in the community of the Trinity.  Together we will listen; together we will peel back the layers of protection that have built up on your heart and find your true self, your soul, God’s dwelling place.   While this is not counseling, and you may discover that as a next step out of or in addition to spiritual direction, this is a place to find in God the wide, safe place to move toward wholeness, and to discover your unique gift to the world.

I hold our relationship and conversation in strict confidentiality, and invite you to be as open and vulnerable as you are comfortable.  I will pray for you, both during our times together and between sessions as well.  As I share insight or guidance during our time together, it is offered freely; as the directee, you choose to act or not act on what you have heard.

We will meet for 55 minutes, every 3 – 6 weeks, or as the directee desires.  We can negotiate longer sessions if that seems appropriate.  Along the way, we will evaluate together how things are going and if/how to continue.

Cost of each session: $75 (negotiable); students: $45

For more information, or to set up an appointment, you can contact me at nancyjeckardt@gmail.com.

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