Spiritual Direction

Moss-covered benchWhat is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is the shared listening of hearts of the spiritual director and the directee for the voice of God being spoken to the directee.

In Spiritual Direction, the director listens to the directee, and listens for God’s voice and direction in the life shared by the directee.  In the time together, the director and the directee join the community of the Trinity, listening together for what the Trinity is saying to the directee.

The director’s primary purpose is to listen, not to give advice.  The director may ask questions to clarify or to help peel back layers in the directee’s life so as to get closer to the root of the matter, or to get closer to the soul.  The moments together, director and directee, are held in confidentiality by the director, creating a safe place for the conversation to be as vulnerable and open as the directee is comfortable.

This is not a counseling relationship.  The focus of conversation is on the directee’s spiritual life, and the spiritual director will take the responsibility to guide the conversation so that all experiences shared will focus in on where God is present in these experiences.

The spiritual director commits to praying for the directee, both during the session as well as between sessions, continuing to hear from God on behalf of the directee.  Any word from the director to the directee is given freely, with no expectation on the part of the directee to act or not act on the word.

Meetings will be 55 minutes long, every 3 – 4 weeks.  The length of the relationship will be 6 months minimum, with evaluation occurring every six months around the growth of the directee, and the value of the times together.  At this point, the director and the directee can decide together if the relationship will continue.

For more information, or to explore Spiritual Direction more fully, contact Nancy Eckardt, njeckardt@gmail.com, to set up an appointment.


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