Sunday – Hearing and Being Heard

11 12 2016

Imagine hanging out with a 6-year-old who loves to chat.  As a parent goes about their work, listening to the trail of words behind them, their listening  changes to hearing them when the child says something that reveals their character or heart or a situation that should be addressed.  The parent’s mind is now engaged, as they know something new about who their child is, and out of the knowledge they can better care for and guide that child.  There’s a difference between listening and hearing.  

In Mark 10:35-52, Jesus hears the requests of 2 different people.  He attends to their requests with the same intensity.  From these accounts, we can find hope that in our prayers, Jesus is not just listening; he hears and feels our requests.

  1. When have you felt heard? How did being heard impact your well-being and/or your relationship with the one who heard you?
  2. When have you heard something that was false that you couldn’t shake?  Are there lies now that have taken root in your mind or heart?
  3. Who have you heard in a way that has brought reconciliation?



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