Sunday – Christmas Day

25 12 2016

As you prepare to celebrate with friends and relatives today, take time to inhale the wonderful smells of this day.  And remember the smell of incense, as you are being invited, with Zechariah, to step into the redemptive story of Christ.  And remember the smell of the stable, and remember that you are being invited, with Joseph, Mary, and Jesus, to participate in His work even in sometimes unfavorable circumstances.  And remember the smell of frankincense and myrrh, and with the Magi, remember that the road of following Christ includes dying to self.  And finally, remember that Christmas isn’t the celebration of one day, the day we remember Christ’s birth, but that each day we are invited to live each day into the reality of Christ’s reign in this world.

  1. What gifts do you have to be thankful for?
  2. Is there something that Christ has given you that you have not fully opened?  
  3. What can you do today to express the gratitude you have for God becoming flesh and living among us, and through his death and resurrection, changing the trajectory of humankind?

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