Advent 2016 – Coming to Your Senses

25 11 2016

This Advent at Bethany, we focus on the theme, Coming to our Senses.  In the busyness of this season, it is often easy to wrap ourselves up in the details and to-dos of each day and miss out on the meaning and expectancy of this time of preparation.  Intentionally engaging our senses – what we see, hear, smell, taste, and touch – is a way to prepare our hearts for our Savior and Lord.  And hopefully during this series, as we engage our senses in anticipation, turning our eyes on Jesus will allow the things that matter little to “grow strangely dim.”

Each morning during Advent, I will post a devotional.  I invite you to sit in the stories of Jesus’ life that we have the benefit of knowing in retrospect.  He was a proponent of senses and he reflected this in his interactions with others. May we find in his encounters with those whose stories are recorded in the gospels our own encounter with Christ that will bring healing, restoration, hope, joy, and peace to our open hearts.



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